me-and-poppyI am a total lover of all things crafts and always have been, however this was massively supercharged after the loss of my first son Noah, due to a mismanaged delivery.  He lived for 10.5 months, for which I am grateful, and after his passing (while pregnant with my second son) I needed something to occupy my mind and keep me busy, thus my huge love for paper crafting and card making developed.

Making cards became such  therapy for me and with the encouragement from friends I started selling my items on Etsy.  It was rewarding starting to making income from something that brought me so much happiness and relaxation, and started me on the path to here; selling cards, craft supplies, classes and a blog.

I currently live in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia with my husband, son, two dogs and kitten.  We moved back home (well for me it’s home, my husband and son are British), in the autumn of 2016 after living for nearly 9 years in the UK.

Please, bare with me and stay tuned as I set off on this new adventure and I look forward to you joining me and sharing in the fun!


Colleen Tyler