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Is there ever too much Stamping Bella….Nope! #maplesyrupmonday

Well my plan to do another long post dedicated to Stamping Bella went right out the window! I was on holiday and had my dates mixed up, so here it is on the fly :)…..but that’s ok it just means there will be another one coming during the week!

So, Laurie from It’s All Cut and Die, and I promised a winner of a Stamping Bella Stamp set in our previous #maplesyrupmonday post, smithsaxon, it is YOU! Send me a message with your address and I will post a stamp set to you.


Here is a Quick video and some samples of me colouring the Stamping Bella “Set of Dragons” Stamp Set. Please Check out Laurie’s blog and leave us comment and subscribe to my blog for more posts, sales and giveaways!

1 thought on “Is there ever too much Stamping Bella….Nope! #maplesyrupmonday

  1. How adorable are those little dragons…and such fun to see the magic of colour unfold in your video! Sweet and inspiring!

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